October 7 - Art on the Avenue, Alexandria, VA
This show rarely cancels in bad weather
We will be there rain or shine but check here on day of show to see if show is cancelled

Handwoven linens made with 100% cotton and hand-stitched hems for your kitchen, dining room and bath

You can now visit our studio in Leesburg. Call us at 304-822-7452 to make an appointment.

Check out our new Seasons Pattern featuring our Fall selection

2017 Shows

Reston Market, Reston, VA Check back on 10/9/17 to see if we have added additional Reston Market show dates in 2017 Additional Information
Art on the Avenue, Alexandria, VA Date: October 7 Additional Information - TBD
Fairfax Holiday Show, Fairfax, VA Date: November 18, 19 Additional Information - TBD
Holiday Show at Ida Lee, Leesburg, VA Date: December 2, 3 Additional Information - TBD
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